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As a team of specialists, we consult our costumers and develop individual concepts on all aspects of digital applications, hybrid solutions or focused extensions of the physical and digtal space.

mann aus beratung oder projektmanagement schreibt an tafel


We provide you with advice and assist you with your digital transformation. We analyse, set goals and show options to achieve them under the given requirements.

Project management

If projects have already been defined, but know-how or capacities are lacking, we also provide independent and comprehensive support during the project phase.

digital ausstattung auf schreibtisch mit desktop computer, laptop, tablet und smartphone

Web Experience

With the targeted use of technologies such as WebGL, HTML5 oder Cloud Streaming, we implement interactive and sophisticated web applications.

Mobile Applications

We develop native or plattform-independent applications that can be used conveniently on mobile devices anywhere and at any time.


The use of gamification in non-game contexts allows the target group to immerse even deeper in the adventure, enables a higher interaction rate and supports content mediation.

mann trägt virtual reality headset und steht vor roboterarm

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality applications creat a simulated reality and thus enable a deep immersion into brand and products world. Movements are converted into interactions by means of sensors.

Augmented Reality

By means of augmented reality applications, we complement human perception with additional digital elements. In this way, complex correlations, processes or hidden effects can be made visible.

Mixed Reality

Within mixed reality, virtual and augmented reality applications are being combined, thus offering exciting opportunities, for example, for product presentations or collaborative working.

digitale installation aus mehreren würfeln in einem raum

Digital Installations

With digital productions, we set highlights at your physical trade fair stand or at your event. Thereby, we ensure an unforgettable customer experience on site or the extension into the digital space.

3D Modelling

By means of photogrammetry or scanning, we transfer physical objects into a digital three-dimensional space. This enables us to use detailed 3D models.

fields of application

Marketing / sales

virtual brand world

virtual exhibition stand

virtual showroom

virtual event

extension of physical events

extension of physical rooms

product presentations

invitation management


appointment tool



training courses

further education

risk training

work review

Asset- / Facilitymanagement

maintenance management

service management

construction management


process optimisation


efficiency increase


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